When we rebranded Em’s Power Cookies we always knew that Emily had big plans for her future new product development. Bearing this in mind, the original branding had not only to be flexible enough to allow new products their own personality, but also needed to ensure that they were still included in the Power Cookies master brand. After two and and a half years of preparation Emily has come up with her own Hemp Protein Cookie. Hemp is “natures’ powerfully nutritious superfood”, a protein snack which is healthy, vegan and soy free. Emily asked us to come up with a powerful new design that would be ready to hit the shelves when legislation passes in
New Zealand and Australia later in the year.



Natural yet powerful, plant based yet tasty, the new design speaks to consumers who are into clean eating and ethical foods. As this was a challenging brief we needed to move away of traditional hemp cannabis connotations (it’s impossible to get high from the cookie) and develop a design that would not be out of place on supermarket shelves but also not alienate Em’s loyal following. To do this we created a natural hemp texture for the product and an ingredients “bulls eye”. A full circle represents the complete protein snack which is not only good for you, but is also good for the planet in term of sustainability.


Emily is already getting plenty of publicity about her innovative protein snack, featuring
on Seven Sharp and in an article in the NZ Herald. Once New Zealand food safety authorities change regulations for hemp based products watch out for Hemp Protein Cookies
in retailers up and down the country.