Esko supply premium safety products nationwide. The company tasked The Brand Depot with two major projects: to update their packaging design to reflect their brand clearly and to design a flexible packaging system that would amalgamate their wide product range. We came on board after the logo had already been recently redesigned so we refined it and took the project from there.




The project required a modern branding and packaging solution that would be flexible and easily identifiable across a wide range of product sizes and formats. In the past the company logo was lost on the packaging and each product has its own style; consumers therefore were unsure which brand they were buying.

To ensure customer recognition of Esko's overall brand we tweaked the logo to give it stronger standout and ownability. This minor but important change allowed us to design a packaging system that would be unique to Esko.




The new packaging architecture is based on the Esko logo holding device that allows for clarity of imagery, logo and brand/sub-brand hierarchy. The design was taken across to 3D structure where the specially designed shelf trays echo the shape and form of the logo around the edges.
We redesigned the packaging for existing products and created new packaging.
Old fashioned illustrations were replaced with premium photography that emphasised
product quality. The result is a clear, trustworthy design that positions Esko as a
branded house communicating trust and safety.

Part of the project was to design ownable iconography. The Brand Depot used the new Esko logo shape to create synergy throughout all the design elements and selected a typeface that was sympathetic with the new logo and packaging design.




The Brand Depot provided the way for the in-house design team at Esko to implement the design with products as they come into market. They now have the tools to take the company forward with consistent branding to connect with their consumers.